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Excellence in Surgery

We provide the latest technology and highly experienced personnel in the field of Pain Management, Orthopedics, ENT Gastro Intestinal, General Surgery, Urology, GYN, Podiatry, Plastic & Reconstructive procedures.


About Us

The Dearborn Surgery Center is a joint venture between our Physician's and Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn.

Dearborn Surgery Center has met the high standards of quality measurement organizations. It is credentialed by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC); a member of Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA); and licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Community Health, and re-certified by Centers for Medicare Services (CMS).

100% board certified or board eligible physicians
Full-time Medical Director
Anesthesiologists work with CRNAs of the highest caliber and experience
More than 11 different medical specialties represented
Registered Nursing staff assigned to patient care
Registered Nurses have an average of over 15 years of experience
All staff receives in-service training for new technology and treatments
All licensed clinical staff are ACLS and PALS certified
Administrator on site
APEX Quality Award 2008/2009 - Top 20 in the Nation 
APEX Quality Award 2009/2010 - Top 20 in the Nation 
Apex Quality Award 2010/2011 – Top 20 in the Nation
Apex Quality Award 2011/2012 – Top 20 in the Nation
Apex Quality Award 2012/2013 – Top 20 in the Nation
Apex Quality Award 2013/2014 – Top 20 in the Nation
Apex Quality Award 2014/2015 – Top 20 in the Nation
Apex Quality Award 2015/2016 – Top 20 in the Nation

Apex Quality Award 2018 – Top 20 in the Nation

The APEX Quality Award represents recognition of the highest performing healthcare facilities, specifically measuring overall patient satisfaction and loyalty attributes.

Your Visit

We welcome you to come stay with us, we will take care of your every need.

What you will love about us:

  • We provide the finest patient care in a compassionate and caring environment.

  • We respect the patients valuable time - procedures start on schedule without the typical hospital delays.

  • We invite you for a personalized tour of the Center at your convenience. We welcome you to talk with the staff and ask any questions.

  • Comfortable waiting room for family with large screen television and complimentary coffee, tea and soft drinks.

  • Hotel like setting which is friendly and unintimidating.

  • Private rooms for pre and post-op care with televisions and DVD players.

Your Visit

Common Questions

In the event you have the need to contact us after hours and it is an emergency, please go to your nearest Emergency Room (ER) or call 911.

If it is not an emergency call 313-253-2000 during normal business hours,  7:00am - 4:00pm

The following are frequently asked questions our patients have expressed:

Approximately how long does it take for a colonoscopy or an EGD (Gastroscopy)?

Typically it takes 1 ½ to 2 hours from the time you check in until you are discharged.

Will insurance cover my procedure? What will my co-pay be?
Every patient’s insurance coverage is different. The facility does verify insurance to obtain eligibility and some benefit information. However, it is best for each patient to contact their insurance carrier for benefits and coverage details. Additionally, you can ask them what your expected co-pay would be based upon your plan and any deductable your coverage requires.

How do I obtain instructions or ask questions regarding the prep for my colonoscopy?
Since each physician has their own prep-patients should direct all questions or concerns to the doctor performing the procedure.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a procedure?
If you need to cancel or reschedule a procedure, please contact the physician/surgeon performing the procedure. The physician’s office will contact the Dearborn Surgery Center. If you need to cancel on the day of surgery, please call the main phone number at 313-253-2000.

Is it necessary for me to have transportation to and from the Center?
Yes, you cannot drive home after you have had anesthesia. Your ride does not have to stay the entire time (unless patient is under 18 years of age) of your procedure, however a contact phone number is required.

Are there any vending machines at your facility?
There are no vending machines in the building or at the DSC. The Dearborn Surgery Center does provide coffee and soft drinks for the patient’s family members that are waiting. Food may be brought into the DSC.

What should I do if my family member(s) driving me are sick the day of my procedure?
Our goal at the Dearborn Surgery Center is to provide the best care possible. That is why we ask that if a family member or friend is sick that they stay home, to prevent spreading the infection to our patients. If someone is sick we ask that they inform the facility so that proper steps are taken to ensure public health and safety through prevention of infection protocols.

Common Questions
Our Location


Mailing address:
Dearborn Surgery Center
18100 Oakwood Blvd., Suite 100
Dearborn, Michigan 48124

This multi-specialty outpatient surgical facility is conveniently located off the Southfield Freeway on Oakwood Boulevard in Dearborn Michigan.  Our facility is well positioned in the heart of Wayne County.


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